Koiata Overview

Te Reo Maori and Bi-Cultural Awareness Training

Koiata is a pre-eminent Ngāi Tahu business, passionate
about delivering quality services that promote bi-cultural awareness. To us, training programmes are about building the confidence and capability of people to fulfil their aspirations and objectives. We tailor our programmes to the needs of each client.

This document outlines who we are and the services we offer. 

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Service Catalogue for Tokorangi

Commercial Advisor for the Maori Innovation Fund

Tokorangi is a partnership of Māori consultants who have been muscle, brains and heart behind many hapū Iwi and Māori collectives in their journey of transformation, reclamation and tino rangatiratanga. We have worked inside Iwi during the transition from pre to post Settlement, led governance reviews and restructures that respond to evolving organisational needs and strategy, as well as established new Māori organisations, coached organisations through change and developed unique tools for Iwi and Māori organisations to give effect to their values.

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kaupapa.org is a comprehensive corporate social responsibility tool kit to support Iwi and Māori organisations to measure the social impact of tribal development programmes, evaluate commercial ventures against tradition based values and integrate values throughout organisations. 

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Infrastructure and PPPs

Iwi, Investment and Infrastructure was developed under the leadership of Mark Solomon, Kaiwhakahaere of Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu by Price Waterhouse Coopers to support Iwi and Māori organisations to invest in infrastructure and public-private partnerships. Sacha was the project manager and editor for the publication as well as facilitator for a number of workshops with Iwi and Māori representatives.

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